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Copper River Watershed Project

About Us

The Copper River Watershed Project promotes a salmon-rich, intact watershed and culturally diverse communities by forming partnerships for watershed-scale planning and projects.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

Much of our work focuses on salmon and salmon habitat because this keystone species is the true currency of our region! Pick.Click.Give. contributions are part of the funds we raise to support watershed education and salmon habitat restoration project work in the Copper River watershed. Your contributions make these partnership-supported activities possible:

* Salmon Blitz field surveys to identify undocumented fish streams. We practice citizen science! We recruit volunteers to help conduct field surveys in search of salmon streams that are not listed in the States catalog of salmon streams. This gives salmon habitat greater protection from pollution under State law.

* restore fish passage: we coordinate replacement of old, tired, under-sized culverts that block access to upstream spawning and rearing habitat. These culvert replacements benefit the salmon productivity that support our subsistence, sport and commercial fishing economies.

* Coordinate invasive plant management. We educate residents of the Copper River watershed about the economic and environmental implications of invasive plants and engage them in fieldwork to help eradicate current infestations of invasive plants in the watershed.

* Engage K-12 students in hands-on watershed education opportunities: Students from Cordova and Copper River School Districts are literally immersed in local ecosystems (in chest waders!) to monitor water quality, fish species, habitat conditions, and participate in watershed stewardship activities. Students are connected across the region using online collaboration tools like Skype to share information about their local climate, ecosystem, and communities with their peers living in very different places.

For every project, we bring three or more partners to the table, groups and people who would not be coordinating with each other on fish habitat restoration or education if it werent for our leadership and facilitation. Partners share tools and equipment, and their expertise. With this collaborative approach, weve been able to build trails, replace culverts to restore access to salmon spawning habitat, fill data gaps for resource managers, and sponsor watershed education programs that connect up- and down-river communities.  

Main Address

511 First Street
Cordova, AK 99574
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PO Box 1560
Cordova, AK 99574




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(907) 424-3334

Past Contributions

2009: $600.00
2010: $6,550.00
2013: $2,675.00
2014: $2,400.00
2016: $2,850.00
2017: $1,625.00
2018: $2,800.00
2019: $3,500.00
2020: $3,300.00
Total: $26,300.00

Cause Types

Youth & Education
Workforce Development
Youth Development
Recycling of Waste