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Kids Kupboard

About Us

We have only one chance with our children. They will be kids only once and then they will be out the door, on their own, making their own way! So while we have these little ones, let’s make the most of it. This is our window of opportunity! Kids Kupboard is making more than 140,000 fresh healthy meals available to thousands of our most vulnerable children each year at more than 23 safe community sites spanning the valley from Sutton to Fairbanks. Our After-school meal programs give students a solid nutritional foundation, and a secure and fun place to be, while providing academic support and developing social skills that help to nurture productive and involved citizens. Healthy meals now will support them the rest of their lives. After all, what they learn and experience during their youth will be what they look for in their adult lives.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

Federal money, funneled through the state Education Department, assists individual organizations like ours to provide meals at designated feeding sites by reimbursing a portion of our food costs. In order to be eligible as an "open site," where all children who show up can eat a meal regardless of economic status, the physical location of where kids eat must operate in the service area of a school where at least 50 percent of children are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches. Sponsors receive reimbursements based on the number of meals served. In rural areas, it's harder to simply qualify as a feeding site. They don't have the same concentration of poverty that you would see in an urban area. Areas of high poverty, like Palmer and Butte, are too scattered to "qualify" yet there are more than 500 students in Palmer city center who live in POVERTY - Kids we want to reach!

These federal programs work in a city, where all the kids can walk and schools and community centers are present on every corner but most just have no concept of what it's like to live in the boonies where community centers are scarce or nonexistent and transportation is a huge roadblock for kids and families who need help. Kids Kupboard doesn’t turn any hungry child away and that means finding private donations and funding to cover food costs where no other state or federal reimbursements are available.

Main Address

4800 N Tanis Dr
Wasilla, AK 99654
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2850 S Sky Ranch Loop
Palmer, AK 99645




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(907) 357-5439

Past Contributions

2019: $3,750.00
2020: $4,325.00
2021: $5,625.00
Total: $13,700.00

Cause Types

Youth & Education
Youth Development
Aid and Services to the Low Income
Food Assistance

Additional Locations in other Cities, Towns or Villages

Big Lake
3261 S Big Lake Rd.
Big Lake, AK 99623
645 8th Ave.
Fairbanks, AK 99701