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Music Machine

About Us

The Music Machine is a Musical Theatre workshop for kids ages 3 to 18 with shows every August at ACPA. Directed by Janet Carr-Campbell for 39 years, kids learn much more than music and dance. Confidence, self-esteem and teamwork help them to feel a sense of pride. We attract many generations of family participation and aspire to encourage positive and active involvement in the performing arts,allowing our youth to enjoy a fun and productive summer. Your donation helps fund youth scholarships and support our wonderful programs.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

The Music Machine is 6 weeks of intensive rehearsal with shows at ACPA, giving the students a taste of being in a real Broadway production. In addition to supporting the Music Machine, Dance Machine and Mini Music Machine, we will use the proceeds from PCG funds to sponsor scholarships for those unable to participate without financial assistance. Please know every dollar is important and appreciated. Comments from Student letters:
"I have realized I have a gift and I need to practice it and embrace it. The scholarship has helped me accomplish that and it has helped me build my performing skills." (11 yr old boy)
"Having this to do, I met new friends, tried new challenges, and was given self-confidence from my family, friends and crew members. Because of the scholarship, I was able to be the best Group II girl I could be. Thank you." (11 yr old girl)
"My daughter turned 21 this year. Every time I look at the poised, funny, outgoing young woman she has become, I see that terrified 8 year old who clung to my leg while she waited to audition for you and the joyful little girl who emerged at the other end of the summer. There is no one thing that had more influence than you and Music Machine in shaping the person she has become and she talks about the experience to this day." (parent)
"For many years, Janet and her assistants have touched the lives of children in a positive and fun manner. Because of your help, they have new tunes to sing and new friends with whom to share them." (parent)
"We are truly grateful to people like you who take the time to recognize the importance of music in children's lives. As our son follows his musical ambitions, we will always remember that you had a part in his success. Thank you for helping children realize their potential." (parent)
"I had the opportunity to spend my summer in a fun and active environment. Performing on stage has always been my dream so because of this scholarship I was able to achieve my dream. For the past few years I have not done anything fun like this. This year was definitely different in a good way. The Music Machine made a positive impact in my life." (16 yr old girl)
"This program has not only taught her something about dancing and singing, but has taught her how to be confident in herself and how to work together with a team. Every adult involved in this program has truly made a difference in my daughter's life." (parent)

Mailing Address

13320 Floral Lane
Anchorage, AK 99516




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Past Contributions

2009: $225.00
2012: $1,828.00
2013: $1,350.00
2014: $2,550.00
2015: $2,850.00
2016: $1,850.00
2017: $2,250.00
2018: $2,025.00
2019: $2,625.00
2020: $2,200.00
2021: $2,175.00
2022: $2,375.00
Total: $24,303.00

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