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Paws for Purple Hearts

About Us

To date PPH has directly improved the lives of 10,497 Warriors, has participated in 15,865 Canine Assisted Therapy Sessions (CAWTs), and has placed 128 Service Dogs with veterans facing mobility and PTSD related health issues at no cost to the veteran. At Paws for Purple Hearts, we breed, train and place service dogs with Warriors after a rigorous two year training program. In the two years that a dog trains with us, the dogs will participate in community therapy sessions (CAWTs) within our active duty military and veteran community, the dogs will learn over 100 commands, and the dogs are required to pass both the Public Access Test and Working Service Dog Exams prior to placement with a client.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

Your Pick.Click.Give donation allows Paws for Purple Hearts Alaska to continue to grow and service more of our veteran community. With your support we are able to hire more trainers, increasing the number of dogs we can effectively train and place with Warriors each year, and increasing our accessibility for community outreach services within our Active Duty and Veteran populations across the state. Your donation helps to cover the costs associated with raising a service dog to include food, service dog equipment, and veterinary bills, in addition to helping fund our training facility and community outreach programs.

As a non-profit organization, our mission is funded entirely by community donations, allowing us to place our Service Dogs with veterans completely free of charge. A service dog of our quality can cost anywhere between $30-$50K to raise and train over a two year period. Our ability to completely fund the dog for our Warriors through community donations offers a significant financial relief that otherwise limits those in need from obtaining a service dog.

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7049 Arctic Blvd.
Anchorage, AK 99518




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Aid and Services to Individuals with Mental Illness
Aid and Services to the Disabled