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Renewable Energy Alaska Project

About Us

Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) is a coalition of over 80 diverse organizations working to develop clean, affordable, local energy sources for Alaskans. Our mission is to advance Alaska’s wind, geothermal, hydro, solar, biomass, and ocean power resources through education, advocacy, collaboration and training. In addition to working with industry and lawmakers to improve policies and market conditions for renewable energy development, REAP staff are also educating consumers about energy issues, including how energy efficiency keeps money in our communities, making them more resistant to the price fluctuations of fossil fuels. As the only nonprofit in Alaska focused solely on renewable energy and energy efficiency, REAP’s work is crucial to helping the state achieve its ambitious clean energy goals.

Alaska has a wealth of untapped renewable resources, and REAP believes that our state can and should be leading the world in energy efficiency, renewable energy development and energy technology innovation. Doing so will create thousands of local jobs, save communities millions of dollars in energy costs, and bring new revenue streams to our economy. It will also ensure energy security for future generations.

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Your generosity will create clean energy jobs for Alaskans.

REAP was instrumental in establishing Alaska's Renewable Energy Fund. So over over 50 renewable projects have been constructed which annually displace 20 million gallons of fuel. REAP's advocacy over the past 13+ years has resulted in more than $850 million in state support for energy efficiency and renewable projects. Over the past 12 months, REAP has educated more than 4000 students in over 200 K-12 classrooms from Sitka to Barrow.

We believe that energy literacy, and funding for efficiency and renewables projects among all Alaskans is critical for workforce development and clean energy jobs for our state. REAP provides entrepreneurial opportunities for Alaskans to stimulate the diverse economic development that is critical to our economy. REAP is inclusive and its membership and supporters include utility companies, independent power producers, state agencies, non profits, and economic development leaders committed to advancing clean energy solutions in the state of Alaska.

Main Address

308 G St Ste 225
Anchorage, AK 99501
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Past Contributions

2012: $4,731.00
2013: $6,300.00
2014: $6,025.00
2015: $6,200.00
2016: $6,350.00
2017: $6,125.00
2018: $5,100.00
2019: $6,450.00
2020: $5,659.00
2021: $5,728.00
2022: $275.00
Total: $58,943.00

Cause Types

Youth & Education
Primary, Vocational, or Secondary Education
Workforce Development
Economic Development