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Stone Soup Group

About Us

Stone Soup Group is Alaska's statewide family resource center supporting families who care for children with special needs.

Mission: Stone Soup Group exists to sustain the health and well-being of Alaskan children with special needs and their families. Through listening to the stories of families, we identify areas of need and work with communities to find solutions.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

There is no way to describe what it feels like to find out your child will grow up with a disability that will affect them the rest of their life. You are thrown into a world of specialists, therapists, bureaucracy, insurance and evaluations. You need to learn a whole new language of disability acronyms and have to miss work for medical appointments and to find specialized childcare. This is only the beginning...

Later, when your child is old enough to enter school you face a whole new set of challenges, including setting up an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), classroom modifications, after school activities and bullying prevention strategies. The school doesn’t seem to be listening. You know you and your child have rights but what are they? How do you advocate for your child outside of home?

Finally, you’ve made it through school, but now your child is graduating and needs assistance transitioning into more independent living. New guardianship and SSI papers need to be filled out, vocational rehab needs to be set up and you are unsure if you and your child are ready for this next step.

These are scenarios we see every day at Stone Soup Group. Navigating the systems and resources is an overwhelming and complicated process. Families just want to find the best options for their children. YOUR DONATIONS THROUGH PICK.CLICK.GIVE. SUPPORT FAMILIES THROUGHOUT ALASKA who are dealing with these situations.

Stone Soup Group Parent Navigators work closely with families throughout Alaska by providing resources, information, and training that help parents understand the numerous systems required to get their children assistance when they need it most. In addition they offer emotional support to families who feel overwhelmed or scared. The majority of staff at Stone Soup Group are parents or family members of a child with special needs so they know the journey and can help others as they navigate through the process. Here at Stone Soup Group
We are family!

Main Address

307 E Northern Lights Blvd Suite 100
Anchorage, AK 99503
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(907) 561-3701

Past Contributions

2009: $2,375.00
2010: $5,950.00
2011: $3,800.00
2012: $7,228.00
2013: $7,450.00
2014: $9,850.00
2015: $7,925.00
2016: $10,725.00
2017: $5,355.00
2018: $7,307.00
2019: $5,917.20
2020: $6,413.40
Total: $80,295.60

Cause Types

Youth & Education
Youth Development
Aid and Services to the Disabled

Additional Locations in other Cities, Towns or Villages

777 N Crusie St
Wasilla, AK 99654