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The Foraker Group

About Us

You can learn a lot about us when you consider our name -The Foraker Group. Standing next to Denali (Mount McKinley), Foraker is a lesser-known peak, but still very much a part of the rugged beauty of the Alaska Range. Back in 2001, Foraker seemed an appropriate name for our newly founded organization. We viewed Denali as a metaphor for the nonprofit sector with Mount Foraker standing right next to it. Foraker is part of the landscape but does not overshadow Denali, the highly esteemed landmark for Alaskans.

That's how we view The Foraker Group -- "standing beside" Alaska's nonprofit professionals, working with them to build effective, strategic, and sustainable organizations.

Foraker's core values are words that motivate us to achieve our core purpose by weaving the ideas into every product and service we offer. Those values are: Sustainability, Strategic, Collaboration, Rural/Urban/Native/Non-Native. This last value reflects the spirit of Alaska and Foraker's commitment to serving all Alaska’s people and communities.

Over the past 13 years, Foraker has provided assistance to staff and boards in all parts of Alaska through four services: (1) organizational development and consulting, (2) educational opportunities, (3) shared backroom services, and (4) the sector's voice in public policy as the state nonprofit association.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

The funds we receive from generous Pick.Click.Give. donors are used to further our work with nonprofits as they strive to operate sustainably. Your gifts also allow us to reach organizations throughout the state, especially those in rural Alaska. We appreciate this support. It helps us stand beside all the great nonprofits that are making a difference in our communities.

Main Address

161 Klevin St STE 101
Anchorage, AK 99508
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(907) 743-1200

Past Contributions

2009: $1,125.00
2010: $750.00
2011: $1,800.00
2012: $2,925.00
2013: $2,725.00
2014: $3,750.00
2015: $3,300.00
2016: $2,819.00
2017: $2,000.00
2018: $1,950.00
2019: $2,125.00
2020: $2,000.00
2021: $2,325.00
2022: $2,250.00
Total: $31,844.00

Cause Types

Youth & Education
Workforce Development