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University of Alaska Anchorage

About Us

University of Alaska Anchorage's mission is to discover and disseminate knowledge through teaching, research, engagement, and creative expression. UAA is committed to serving the higher education needs of the state, its communities, and its diverse peoples.

UAA is an open access university with academic programs leading to occupational endorsements; undergraduate and graduate certificates; and associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degrees in a rich, diverse, and inclusive environment.

How Pick.Click.Give. makes a difference

As the cost of education rises, so does the number of students requiring financial aid. In fact, fully half of UAA students rely on scholarships to make their dreams of an education possible. When you Pick.Click.Give. to UAA, your donation will be directed to scholarships that help students complete their educational goals. Your simple act of generosity has the power to change lives!

When you choose to donate $500 or more of your PFD to UAA, you will have the opportunity to designate your gift to the college or program of your choice. Whether you donate to students, faculty, the library, athletics, or an academic program, your gift makes a difference for the future of Alaska. UAA is making a positive impact on our economy and the community at large. We are educating tomorrow's nurses, teachers, business leaders, engineers and scientists, and contributing to decisions that shape the future of our state. By making a gift to UAA, you can be part of Alaska's successes tomorrow.

Don't forget -- after you’ve made your donation to UAA, please take the extra step to provide your contact information to us so we can recognize your support!

Thank you for choosing to Pick.Click.Give. to UAA.

Mailing Address

1815 Bragaw St Ste 206
Anchorage, AK 99508




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(907) 786-1211

Past Contributions

2009: $3,250.00
2010: $5,400.00
2011: $8,800.00
2012: $8,944.00
2013: $9,830.00
2014: $21,875.00
2015: $9,525.00
2016: $4,622.00
2017: $4,900.00
2018: $3,900.00
2019: $5,625.00
2020: $4,684.00
2021: $4,175.00
2022: $4,925.00
Total: $100,455.00

Cause Types

Youth & Education
Primary, Vocational, or Secondary Education