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Anchorage, December 11, 2013 – Alaskans will have more options to give back than ever before on next year’s Permanent Fund Dividend application. Pick.Click.Give. accepted 56 nonprofits to the 2014 donor list that were not part of the 2013 PFD giving program. The total number of Pick.Click.Give. organizations to which Alaskans can donate has grown to 512, up from 338 when the program started five years ago.

“We’re really excited that the number of Alaska nonprofits taking part in the program continues to grow,” said Heather Beaty, Pick.Click.Give. program manager. “Alaskans have shown that they are generous even when the PFD amounts are low. This program is a great opportunity for them to give back.”

This year, about 26,000 Alaskans pledged a record $2.4 million from their PFDs. The Pick.Click.Give. program started in 2009 with $545,000 in donations and has continued to grow each year. It allows Alaskans to share their PFDs with their favorite causes. Nonprofits have to reapply each year to become Pick.Click.Give. recipients. For a full list of 2014 eligible organizations, visit www.pickclickgive.org.